Environmental Policy

Gardening and the Environment

Gardening and the Environment

What can we do to help you?

  • We sell peat free composts


  • We take back your plastic plant pots for recycling


  • Each centre has both a battery recycle bin and a compost bag bin


  • We can help you to encourage the birds and wildlife in your garden with our wide range of products


  • If you plant trees and shrubs they will help to lock up carbon

(Did you know that a mature tree will absorb approximately 48 lbs of Carbon a year, and will give out enough oxygen to sustain two people!)

Pennells Environmental Policy

Pennells Environmental Policy

At Pennells we are looking to make a real commitment to becoming a greener, more environmentally friendly company. We already do our best to recycle everything as much as possible and we offer to recycle free of charge old plant pots returned by customers.

As a plant retailer we are fortunate that our primary product is not just carbon neutral but actually has a positive impact on the environment, however as a responsible business we continue to strive to reduce our effect on this planet.

We are aiming to reduce our energy usage, through a combination of investment in greener and more efficient technologies, increased monitoring of our energy consumption and increased staff awareness. All this should be possible with no interruption or negative effect for our customers, and hopefully may even improve our general efficiency.

Some of the specific areas we hope to improve upon include

Some of the specific areas we hope to improve upon include
  • Increased training of our staff to ensure all equipment is unplugged and turned off when not being used.

  • Monitoring our energy consumption more closely and having it divided between the different sections so we can identify patterns and waste quicker.

  • Utilize existing power saving options in our current equipment, such as setting computers to enter standby mode or shut off entirely if not used for prolonged periods.

  • Replacing lighting fittings and their bulbs or tubes with more energy efficient versions, without compromising on light levels within the store.

  • Make energy efficiency an important concern when buying any new equipment or any building works in the future.

  • Try to obtain our energy from more sustainable sources (With substantial investment already made into Solar energy at our Lincoln centre)

If you are looking for any advice on how to recycle any of the packaging from our products, or where your nearest recycling point is, you’ll find all the information you need on www.wasteconnect.co.uk

If you have any concerns or ideas to help us in our aim please feel free to contact us.

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